I’ve been a software developer since 2013. Starting out as a web developer, but quickly transitioned to iOS development as soon as the opportunity came along. Although Objective-C is something I still need to deal with from time to time, Swift has been my focus for some years now.

I’m a UX enthusiast. There is a sense of joy when you build something that works just as it’s expected, when you bring delight to your users. Trying to achieve that is paramount, regardless of the effort it takes.

I’m an OSS aficionado. Hacktoberfest has become somewhat of a tradition for me. The whole Open-Source movement is an inspiration to me and I try to contribute as much as I can, which is not as much as I’d like to.

Other than that, one of my biggest passions is music. Either listening to it, seeing it live, or tinkering with instruments, I simply can’t get enough of it. Other interests include surfing, books, NBA, videogames, series, and movies.

Want to catch-up? Hit me up.